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Technology that makes energy companies better. 

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Kingfish makes software solutions that enable your energy business to do more with less.

Be. More. Efficient.


Kingfish enables you to automate sales, marketing, customer support, and operations. Run your business, seamlessly.


Attract and retain customers with Kingfish. Targeted communication and ease-of-use keeps customers happy and builds loyalty.


Data analysis is a fundamental part of Kingfish. Customizable data dashboards allow you to make the most informed decisions about your business.


Hiring for seasonal jobs is tough.  That's why KingFish automates processes to increase your profit and maximize your ROI.

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Customer Engagement Reimagined

Powered by Kingfish, Current is the industry's premier front-end customer management platform. Our Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) integrates into your business in minutes, whether you have an existing website or not!  Give your customers what they want and your business the profits and efficiency it deserves - it’s really that simple. 

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who we are.
what we do.
how we work.

          We use technology to fuel growth.        

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Our mission

Here at Kingfish, we believe it's important to give

small-to-midsize fuel companies the tools to become smarter, highly-efficient, and more profitable.

Over the last several years, we have successfully innovated the home energy space and have changed the way fuel delivery businesses operate. We’re not only thinking day to day, gallon by gallon, or order by order. We know that the industry is here to stay and it’s our responsibility to do what is best. We're all in it for the long haul.

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