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Think of us as the company behind the company. 

We help companies do business better. 

We've Been on Both Ends of the Line.   


First, we're consumers, just like you. Second, we're business owners, just like you...We bring together decades of experience in a wide range of areas, from sales to marketing to software development and all things in between. We’ve brought industry experts together with titans of software development.  We're backed by energy companies and a team of other smart investors and have been changing the home heating industry for the better. 

​Kingfish is a fast-growing, all-in-one cloud-based platform built to help companies grow, manage and retain their business.  Our turnkey solution brings “mom and pop” companies into the 21st century by providing them with a suite of tools including: mobile capabilities, secure payment processing, lead nurturing, accounting and process automation.  Our Software as a Service solution replaces a clunky, labor-intensive “business as usual” process, saves $10,000s/yr and enables companies to compete and grow in the modern marketplace.

It Started on a Cold, Dark Night...

About 6 years ago, when we were all were scraping our startup nickels together to try and heat our homes, a light bulb went off. Kinda like the "chocolate and peanut butter" moment where the obvious is literally staring you in the face. Our backgrounds in energy and technology collided and we went for it. Literally. 


After countless hours, debates, brainstorming, the occasional beer or seven, and a steady diet of Reese's, we created a consumer-facing company called Slick. We raised a bunch of money, proved the model and learned a lot along the way... What we learned is that SaaS is king and that so many companies we were working with in the fuel space needed a simple solution.....or some 21st Century hand-holding. So as a 5-year startup, we pivoted and created an even bigger company to catch even bigger fish....We are now Kingfish, focused solely on helping Mom and Pops get their shit together.

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"If you want something done right, do it yourself."

-Everybody's parents-

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