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Energy Software Provider, Kingfish Technologies, Announces Strategic Investment

Boston, MA - Kingfish Technologies has announced it has received a strategic investment by Townsend Energy, one of New England’s most reputable and well known energy companies in the country.

Kingfish’s product, Current, brings “offline” consumer transactions “online” in a matter of minutes. Fuel companies are provided with an easy to use solution that allows their customers to order fuel online, receive notifications and monitor usage while providers are instantly rocketed into the future of a data rich and efficient back end system.

“Current takes your local Mom and Pop company that has historically struggled to keep up with the technological times and provides them with easy to use software that makes their lives easier, improves customer satisfaction and improves their bottom line by reducing fixed cost,” said founder Chris Buchanan. Buchanan added, “Today’s investment by Townsend Energy marks a new era for our company. Having the backing from such a trusted and accomplished brand is a testament to the dedication of the Townsend team to advance technology in the energy space. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Townsend and look forward to a great relationship.”

Launched in October of 2022, Kingfish’s platform has already seen tremendous results. “Our partners are thrilled. The growth is real. The data, the efficiencies and the experience have them all asking for more!” said founder PJ Solomon.

Brookes Townsend added, “We’ve really had the chance to get to know PJ and Chris over the last couple of years. Watching them take this product live and work together has been great. We look forward to continuing to support them and grow. They truly are committed to helping our industry and their product really shows that. They are fighting for the industry as hard as anyone.”

Kingfish plans to continue to grow its footprint in the fuel oil and propane industry as well as continue to enrich the user experience for both fuel consumers and fuel companies.

Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

Contact: Chris Buchanan


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