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What the Pizza Industry Taught Us About Making Dough.

Now that we have your attention (and it's close to lunchtime)... Who doesn't love pizza?

Did you know there are over 60,000 pizza joints in the US that generated over $65 billion in revenues per year?! That's a pretty healthy industry, and yet, why haven't they been taken seriously as a viable investment opportunity? Mostly everyone eating pizza is no different from everyone having to heat their houses. So why isn't everyone taking the 10,000 fuel/propane delivery companies that generate $45 billion annually seriously?

Well, until just a few years ago, both of these industries lacked the proper tools to run their businesses efficiently. It was the same old story:

  • None had websites to take orders

  • None had good payment processing alternatives; those that did were being killed by fees

  • None had proper technology to automate their front and back office operations

  • None had any customer relationship management software (hey, I love my local neighborhood pie shop too, but every once in a while, I need to mix it up)

  • None had any tools or technology to conduct their businesses and relied on inbound phone orders, a waning customer base, pencil and paper, and a seasonal hiring push

  • Also, Covid was a HUGE wake up call for most as none could take orders online.

So let's get to the point and that catchy headline we hooked you with... What has the pizza industry taught us about making a lot of money?

A large piece of the pie, hold the anchovies.

For instance, wo wildly successful software companies have proven that it's possible to digitally transform businesses in a fractured industry. Toast (, used in 74k+ restaurants, and SliceLife, a modern takeout pizza app, are the best analogies we can provide. The similarities are striking: millions of local businesses, mostly small-to-medium-sized, are scrambling to attract and retain customers, control costs, and deliver value in an inefficient, time-and-labor-intensive way.

The answer? Custom software.

Uniquely designed for restaurants of all sizes. This is exactly what Kingfish is doing in the energy space for millions of small-to-midsize local energy companies. The unassuming mom and pop fuel company in your hometown… These are Kingfish targets.

While fuel delivery is not as fun to talk about as food (and pretty generally trumps practical these days), Kingfish is transforming the energy services industry. The Kingfish SaaS platform provides energy businesses with the tools they need to become more profitable, sustainable, and data-rich. Kingfish products are designed to completely streamline operations and marketing, thereby optimizing efficiencies, productivity, and communications.

Current is Kingfish's signature product. Current automates core business functions, from customer acquisition to marketing to payment processing, providing companies with the tools needed to thrive in a highly competitive and dynamic home energy marketplace. With ease and optionality, Current is driving the digital transformation of the companies that make up the $45B annual energy services industry—and securing their place in the fast-moving energy transition. With Current, no business is left behind. Now THAT is Amore!!

Kingfish co-founder PJ Solomon weighs in on the urgent need for Current software in the energy services sphere: "In a world that has a software solution for just about every niche vertical in our lives, prior to Current there wasn't anything out there to meet the needs of small-to-medium business owners—the millions of 'mom and pops' that keep our homes warm, efficient, and sustainable. We built Kingfish to solve this problem: to connect business owners to their customers, seamlessly, and ensure that they stay relevant. With technology, day-to-day operations and customer retention should be easy, and yet there was a huge void in the residential energy space. Our software fills this void and brings companies fully into the 21st century.

Co-founder Chris Buchanan explains Current's value proposition: "Its uncomplicated, intuitive dashboard provides business owners with the critical information and insight they need to grow market share and profits. Current is loaded with features that simplify the sales and marketing process, moving transactional customers to loyal, recurring customers. It automates key business functions such as secure payment processing, lead nurturing, and customer acquisition, enabling business owners to focus on the macro aspects of their organizations."

Our Current customers are our biggest admirers: T & M Fuel, serving customers in MA and RI since 2013, began using Current in October of 2022. By February of 2023, they had added 600 new customers—a 400% increase in just four months. For T & M, this could translate into over $2 million in additional revenue in just one year. According to the owner, "This has been a life-changing season for us. Our growth has been amazing. Current by KingFish is incredible. Our customers love it, and so does our profit!"

We are positioned to get a big slice of the energy pie. Now is the time to invest in Kingfish.

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