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Kingfish Fall 2023 Update....Our Thinking Caps

Dear Friends, The above picture represents a lot to us at Kingfish (formerly Slick.) You see, every Labor Day for the past 6 years there's been a tradition that we have…I take off my old and tattered hat that I’ve worn for the past 365 days and put on a new one. And trust me…by the time we get to this milestone…I desperately NEED a new hat. They’re gross and they stink but anybody who knows me, knows I live and breathe this company and as such I’m repping our brand almost 24/7 (I do remove the hat when I attempt to sleep.) These hats represent the countless hours, the ups and downs, the endless strategizing and clearly tons of sweating. They represent the late nights and early mornings, the traffic jams and rainy weather for literally every Boston meeting PJ and I attend. They represent the successes and failures, the highs and lows but most of all they represent our perseverance and dedication to continue to build what we believe (and the market agrees) is the best software as a service solution for the energy industry. As I put on my new hat for the season and fire up the machine…please take a few minutes to catch up about our summer, where we are and most importantly where we’re going. We’re about to take off and we’d love to let you know how...and the first 5 people who get back to us get a brand new 2023 KingFish hat...who doesn't love free merch! CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR 5 MINUTE PRESENTATION FULL INVESTOR DECK HERE We are Kingfish Technologies and we’ve been busy building the energy industry’s best all in one “energy company in a box.” Here are a few highlights from this summer: New Advisors:

  • Jeff Simpson of Notch Capital. Jeff brings 25+ years of experience in the energy finance industry including executive roles at Angus Energy, Citizens Bank and UPS. His knowledge and network are incredible and we’re honored to be working with him.

  • Dan Rowe of Great Blue Heron. Dan is perhaps THE most knowledgeable person in the energy payments industry. From his roles at Blue Cow and Hoot, he literally wrote the playbook in onboarding and scaling energy payments. Yup…it’s a big deal for us. MORE HERE

New Markets:

  • We’re excited to be offering Off-Site Diesel on our platform this year! I will not bore you with the specifics BUT this market is HUGE - think $200 BIL per year huge and is somehow even less advanced than our current markets.

  • We expect this market to drive significant growth for us this season and beyond.

New Accounts:

  • We’re entering the season with more than 3X the companies we had on the platform this time last year!

  • We’re on track for 10,000’s of consumers transacting on our platform by the end of the year.

New Funds:

  • We are nearly 25% closed on our current raise of $1 MIL

  • We continue to have substantial interest and commitments and are looking to close the entire round by the end of the year.

New Tech:

  • We just deployed an integrated affiliate program within our platform that allows our partners to simply and easily leverage their existing consumer base.

  • We know it works - we used it with Slick but just automated and simplified it! We’re ready to take this from 10,000’s of customers to MILLIONS. Want to join us? Let’s chat.

Meet Current by Kingfish Our SaaS platform, Current, is already making waves in the energy space. We've taken inspiration from wildly successful software companies like Toast (10+ BIL market cap) and SliceLife to create a product that streamlines operations and marketing, making energy businesses more profitable, sustainable, and data-rich. And our results speak for themselves. Since launching our pilot program in October 2022, we've seen tremendous growth - just ask one of our customers, who added 600 new customers in just four months thanks to Current. That's a 400% increase, which could translate to over $2 million in additional revenue for them in just one year!

With our team's decades of experience in the fuel space, we're confident that we can dominate market share in this huge, undersaturated market. And with a new financing round and attractive terms, there's never been a better time to invest and or partner with Kingfish. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of our exciting growth - check out our links above for more information. We're always interested in having conversations regarding potential strategic partnerships so let's chat! Interested in learning more? We'd love to connect.

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